Best Time To Post On Instagram 2020

  1. D Hill says:

    WOW!! As an older audience member I had no idea how intricate the inner workings of these platforms were!! #Informative and Impressive!!!

  2. Katrice says:

    You definitely shed some light on how to read the times! I had NO IDEA it was based on PST. And I have been sticking to the peak hour showed instead of doing the trial and effort you mentioned. Thanks for the great information! ❤️

  3. Imade O says:

    As always Tina, you stay sharing to help and inspire. This is so insightful 🥰

  4. ciara says:

    I had no clue it was PST! I’ll be sure to reach back out in a mont with results. Thank you Tina

  5. tastyonabudget says:

    Thanks for the gems and insight Tina!

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