Grieving the Death of a Celebrity

  1. Kierra says:

    This is truly heartbreaking. My heart has been heavy since I’ve heard the news. I’m not one to mourn celebrities. However, this one… Just unbelievable.

  2. Tina! This post was everything! I too found myself grieving and praying. It also hits different in so many ways being both a mom and wife. I wasn’t quite sure how to label this emotion but your post is definitely one that can motivate during a sad and unfortunate time. Great Post!

    – DeVonna P.

  3. Urth says:

    I had to unplug from social media for the majority of the day for the same reason. I’m also pregnant and a first time Momma so this really hit deeply. My tears today was for the family and just more so of putting myself in the position and reflecting that you truly don’t know how your story ends so it is so important to live with love and light always in all ways.

  4. Queendee519 says:

    Another wonderful post. Death can definitely be a trigger. After watching the coverage for a bit I had to just turn it OFF because I felt the vacuum of my own personal grief trying to suck me back in. Celebrity, stranger, family or otherwise; I find myself grieving loss of life period. The thought of something so precious being taken away in an instant is difficult to process. Here today, gone today!! No matter how much time you’ve spent knowing, caring for and or loving someone; once they’re gone you realize there was never enough of it. Time that is. So yes, I agree 100%, if you have an opportunity to make something right do it tonight …

    Peace, love and light.

  5. Taina says:

    Beautifully written, Tina. This resonates so much as a wife, mother, and someone who lost her father at a young age and is feeling triggered. Thank you for taking the time to share these thoughts.

  6. Katricia says:

    This one hits differently. Especially after my husband and I were grieving the loss of a childhood friend this week. We’re both not ok and have expressed that to each other. I’m praying for all the families. It’s just such a tragedy.

  7. Latrese says:

    I haven’t been able to craft much more than my IG post but Kobe & Giannas passing is triggering indeed and I thank you for this post.
    As a wife, a mom, daughter and sister, I can’t imagine the pain Vanessa is processing or the pain that Natalia, Bianka and Capri will have to sift through.
    On the heels of losing my Uncle who was like a father figure to me, this just hits me in a way that is soul SHAKING. Continuing prayers will be with them as they try and create some resemblance of a new normal.

    You are right, it’s OK to not be OK. Although, I know that it’ll be manageable in upcoming days… Today, right now… I am not ok.

    Love and blessings to you and also to the families of the other passengers in the crash.

  8. TaJuana says:

    Awesome post! When I heard the news I was braiding Summer’s hair, had to take a breath because this could have been me, my family, my friend. I felt an ache of sorrow that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Then had to explain to her what happened as we watched the story unfold together. Gigi was only a couple of years older than her. I to had to turn off all media outlets because to watch others grieve was too much to. Thank you for always reminding us that it’s ok to take care of self and block the world out. Love you guys.

  9. WelcomehomewithStephanie says:

    I am still in utter shock. My prayers go out for all the families.

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