4 Simple Tips for Fire Safety & Training at Home

  1. Angie says:

    This is a great blog post Tina! So happy that you and the family are okay and by the grace of God things could’ve been worst but wasn’t 🙌🏾

  2. KK Alloway says:

    I’m in insurance and there are still a few of these things I hadn’t done. Thank you for the reminder and for linking some helpful items

  3. Sheree says:

    Great blog post! You reminded me of a few things!

  4. Queendee519 says:

    Definitely a post worth reading and REREADING!! We tend to get so busy going about our days that oftentimes important, life saving information like this can easily get pushed to the back burner. This is a great reminder to check and replace the batteries in my smoke detector, replace my decade old fire extinguisher and see if my body is still agile enough to climb out of the windows of my house!! I’m am soooo grateful that you guys are all okay!! Thank God!!!

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