The Great Spanking Debate: Which side are you on?

  1. paul says:

    i think kids need spanked now adays cause they act like itiots but i not saying all kids are but some do i was spanked in the the 1960ts and i grew up fine

  2. Jodi says:

    I am not spanking my child. PERIOD! I said that to my husband just 2 days ago and he looked at me like I have five heads…i dare him to hit him ( my son is about to be one year old in a week). But I agree Tina, as parents we have to find other ways to discipline our children

  3. Mikaila says:

    This is a beautiful, well written piece. You make a great point when you urge us to ask whether or not the child “deserves” to be hit.

  4. Queendee says:

    I’m torn. As a child of the 70s spankings, whippings, beatings were a common acceptable norm. It was also a very fine line between acceptable discipline and abuse. I say that because I definitely got more beatings than I actually deserved just based on how I looked … but a few of them I really did earn.

    As a mother of 4 adult daughters, grandmother of 5 and childcare provider I have learned over many years of experience that discipline does not “have to be” physical. A low calm tone with a stern look as well as a quick loud firm no can resolve a lot of issues. Especially with toddlers. But I do still believe that their are some instances that require a firm bottom swatting or hand popping. I trust myself and my instincts enough (now) to know when a swat or a pop is warranted and I never do so when I am angry or frustrated … as I did when I was a mom. You live and you learn!! Can’t believe I missed this blog … I remember discussing this with you.

    As a woman and a mother; your mother, I respect the choices you have made regarding their lives!! You’re doing an EXCELLENT job so far!!!

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